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  • Broken Air
    Broken Air

    When you’re imaging a CHR-, Hot AC-...

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cal April 28

New Library Breaking News
Breaking News

With the 150 News Beds, loopable trailers and interchangeable logos in 15 themes you can customize the sound of your news imaging to your specific needs. Check out the DEMO. Breaking News

cal dec 18

New Library Broken Air 3
Broken Air 3

Broken Air 3 lets you create your own unique audio brand and saves you time as well. All FX, Work Parts, Drones and Beds are conveniently categorized in 10 separate folders, each with their own special purpose. Check out the DEMO. Broken Air 3

Thanks to Erin Setch from Team Setch Studios Inc. for awesome the voice over.

cal oct 16

New Library Cool Toolz V2
Cool Toolz V2

It's here; Cool Toolz V2. A mean and lean production library featuring 150 FX and work parts for just 99 euros. Check out the DEMO. Cool Toolz V2

cal now 5

New Library Grand FX
Grand FX

Grand FX, our new multi format imaging library with 365 FX & Work Parts is now available. Check out the DEMO. Grand FX

cal now 5

Collaboration with Radio Express
Radio Express

We are proud to announce the collaboration with Radio Express. Radio Express is one of the leading US companies that provide programming, promotions, imaging libraries and music scheduling to radio stations all over the world. As from today you can also buy our libraries for our new partner Radio Express. Check it out: Radio Express

cal june 6

Glide 4
Glide 4

Now available: Glide 4. Glide is already for seven years the absolute standard in AC and Hot AC fx and work parts and this is the fourth library in the Glide series. Glide 4 contains over 600 brand new fx & work parts. All elements are specially designed for AC and Hot AC Radio. Check out more info, the demo and track listing here: Glide 4

cal june 6


New: DNA. Over 300 artificial imaging fx and work parts that make your station’s imaging come alive with robotic movements in all kinds of style, energy and speed. Check out more info, the demo and track listing here: DNA

cal nov 8

Broken Air 2
Broken Air 2

New: Broken Air 2. The pefect library for CHR, Hot AC and Greatest Hits formats. 300 FX and Work Parts: Broken Air. check out more info, the demo and track listing here: Broken Air 2

Rex FX
Rex FX

New: Rex FX, 365 FX and work parts for CHR, Hot AC, Greatest Hits or Rock station. Check out more info, the demo and track listing here: Rex FX

Cool Cutz Level 5
Cool Cutz Level 5

New: Cool Cutz Level 5, 75 FX with the distinctive Cool Cutz sound for just 49 EURO. Short and powerful FX that will boost your imaging to a new level. Check it out Check out the Demo and Track Listing at: Cool Cutz Level 5

Glide 3

Glide 3
Glide 3

New: Glide 3, the new library for AC and Hot AC formats with more than 600 FX and Work Parts. Check out the Demo and Track Listing at: Glide 3


Sampler PackSampler Pack

New: The Sticky FX Sampler Pack, including 50 of the best fx and work parts compiled from all the Sticky FX libraries for just 20 EURO...... Check out the Demo and Track Listing at: Sampler Pack


Broken Air on 95.5 PLJ NYCBroken Air on 95.5 PLJ NYC

Broken Air is now on 95.5 PLJ in New York. Check out the awesome station ID's Creative Services Director Dan Kelly has produced with Broken Air: Broken Air on 95.5 PLJ


Cool Cutz Level 4cool cutz level 4

Neww: Cool Cutz Level 4. 99 fx and beds with that distinctive sound that makes your productions leap out of the speakers...... Check out the Demo and Track Listing at: Cool Cutz Level 4


Power Impactspower impacts

New: Power Impacts. 100 Impacts for all formats. Check out the Demo and Track Listing at: Power Impacts


Broken Airproductfreesxmas2015-133.jpg

New: Broken Air. The pefect library for CHR, Hot AC and Greatest Hits formats: Broken Air


X-Mas Imaging Contestproductfreesxmas2015-133.jpg

Win a free library bij entering the: X-Mas Imaging Contest


Black Friday 2015productfreesxmas2015-133.jpg

Starting this Friday, November 27th: 4 days of discounts on our libraries.


Free X-Mas Pack 2015productfreesxmas2015-133.jpg

Our new X-Mas Pack 2015 is now available for download. 30 Free FX and Workparts, get them now at: Free X-Mas Pack 2015.


Our new Pop/Rock production library is now available. Over 200 FX and work parts for just 200 EURO. Check out the demo and testimonials: KIX FX.

The Amazing Summer Deals

They are back, huge discounts all summer long. We start with giving away CHR Volume 1 for FREE with any order over 50 EURO. Check the CHR Volume 1 page for more info: FREE CHR Volume 1.

Cool Cutz Level 3

Now available: Cool Cutz Level 3 - The Social Edition. In today’s radio world it becomes more and more important to focus on interaction with your listeners. The answer is simple: Cool Cutz – Level 3 – The Social Edition. Check out more info, the demo and track listing at Cool Cutz 3.

Glide 2 Testimonials

New Testimonials online from Spreeradio, Berlin Germany, 40 UP Radio The Netherlands and WFM96 The Netherlands. Check them out at New Testimonials. More to come.....

Glide 2 is here

Now available: Glide 2. If you’re imaging an AC or Hot AC station you know just like us that it isn’t that easy to find the right FX & Work Parts. 170 FX and Work Parts for (Hot) AC. Check out more info, the demo and track listing at GLIDE 2.

Micro Shots is here

Now available: Micro Shots. 400 MINI FX and Work Parts suiteble for every format. This library has also an incredible low price of 50 EURO. Check out more info, the demo and track listing at MICRO SHOTS.

4 year anniversary = 40% OFF for 40 hours

Today we celebrate our 4 year anniversary with this amazing deal: 40% OFF for 40 hours starting at October 9th 11.00 AM CET.

Thanks to everyone who supported us the past 4 years. We will continue to bring you the best FX libraries for many more years.

Radio Bomb is here

Now available Radio Bomb: 120 fx and work parts specially designed for urban, hip hop, dance and rhythmic stations for just 99 EURO. Make your imaging go BOOM! With Radio Bomb from Sticky FX.

Go check out the awesome demo and track listing at RADIO BOMB.

X Series Testimonials

New Testimonials online from Joy Radio The Netherlands, Jam’n 94.5 Boston, USA and Radio Signal, Serbia and 105.5 Spreeradio Berlin, Germany. Check them out at New Testimonials.

X Series are here

Remember the legendary FX Libraries X-Attack and X-Stream? It's here for you now...and besides this awesome new FX Pack you get the remasterd versions of the 2 legendary libraries for free! With a total of 327 FX & Work Parts......Check out the demo.

New Website and the summer deals

Welcome to our new and improved website. We completely redesigned our website from scratch to give you a better shopping experience. Throughout the summer we have special deals starting with 25% off all libraries until 9th June. Check our product page for all the deals.

New testimonial: NOVAZ Media Group

Maurice Verschuuren of the NOVAZ Media Group combined the forces of our libraries Pink Noise and Brain Freez in the production for major Dance Radio Shows like the Davies Twinz and Brennan Heart’s Harder on Slam FM.

Verschuuren explains: “These sounds really cut through and blend well together with the dance music.” Check out the awesome audio he created with Sticky FX.

Listen to the new testimonial from NOVAZ Media Groep on our testimonial page.

Cool X-Maz FX also available for purchase

When the snow starts falling again and the Christmas tree is up, it’s also time to get your Holiday imaging ready. Of course you have loads of Christmas songs and beds. But how about Christmas fx? Short and sweet work parts with which you can spice up your ordinary imaging and give it that Christmassy feel. 50 fx that turn around your station’s imaging into the official Santa station in only minutes.

Listen how Brain Breez sounds on 95.5 WPLJ NYC

Our newest library Brain Freez is just released a couple of weeks ago and already finds its way to the airwaves of the biggest stations on the planet. For example New York’s legendary WPLJ, 95.5 PLJ was one of the first to put this new razor sharp library on the air.

Listen to the demo.

New testimonial: Floyd Media Productions, Europe & USA

Floyd Media and Noise Junction are using all the libraries from Sticky FX for Mix FM Lebanon, Bliss 104.2 Jordan, Sirius XM and Beat FM Jordan. Check out the audio of Sticky FX in the imaging of these stations and networks. Listen to the testimonial.

Now available: Brain Freez

Now available from Sticky FX: Brain Freez, the all-in-one production tool that has everything you need to give your station’s imaging a unique signature sound. Check out the demo.

Now available: Cool Cutz - Level 2

Take your imaging to the next level with this extremely affordable fx library Cool Cutz - Level 2. A small compact package that has everything you need! 100 cuts including, sweeps, breakers, stoppers, drones, beat sweeps and even news, weather and traffic beds. The fx in Cool Cutz - Level 2 are suitable for a wide range of radio formats like CHR, (Hot) AC, Rock and Urban. Check out the demo.

Now available: Cool Cutz Short Effects

Tired of those libraries that feature tons of those 'extras' you're never gonna use but in the end you do pay for? Now there's Cool Cutz! Specially for audio designers that simply don't have the time to scroll through thousands of audio files to find that one usable bit. Check out the demo.

Radio News from around the world: The Sticky FX Daily.