Joy Radio

Joy Radio, The Netherlands

Format: CHR

Marcel de Vries, , DJ & Audiovisual producer Joy Radio: "At Joy Radio we have a CHR format with lots of up-tempo 90’s music. Of course that needs imaging with the same kind of energy. Grand FX has proven to be an awesome investment, the complete new imaging of the station has been made with FX from this package. It has precisely the punch and freshness that blends perfectly with the music of Joy Radio."

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Rhône FM

Rhône FM, Sion, Switzerland

Format: Hot AC

Raphaël Métrailler, Head of Production Rhône FM: "The new Glide 5 is really a dream come true for any AC or Hot AC producer. The FX have punch and a modern feel but aren’t too aggressive. These are precisely the elements we need for our imaging. They match our music format perfectly and give a bright and positive feel to the imaging. Really, if you’re doing production for a Hot AC or an AC station, just get the new Glide 5 and you’re set for life!"

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Omroep Brabant

Omroep Brabant, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Format: AC/Full Service

Maurice Verschuuren, Imaging Producer Omroep Brabant: "For the new imaging of Omroep Brabant I needed FX that sound contemporary but also blend well with the older music that is played in the AC format of the station. I’ve been a fan for years of all the Glide libraries so it was a no brainer that I would go for Glide 5. With every new Glide library the people at Sticky FX surprise me again and again with the consistent sound but also every time with fresh new elements that really make your jingles sparkle. If you’re producing imaging for an AC station, honestly there’s no other option; Glide 5 is the ultimate in FX for AC formats!"

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KYXY & KXSN, San Diego, USA

Format: AC and Classic Hits

Joe Rosati, Imaging Director KYXY and KXSN: "Cool Toolz V3 is another great Sticky FX library you need to have! I'm using it for AC and Classic Hits and love the results. Everything pops on the air and stands out with this library. If you want your imaging to sound sharp make sure you get Cool Toolz V3!"

Cool Toolz V3 Info

Qmusic The Netherlands

Qmusic, The Netherlands

Format: CHR

Niels de Koning, Imaging Director Qmusic: "There’s an obvious reason why this library is called Grand FX 2. It’s big and it has a big variety in FX. The elements have lots of impact and sound very clean which I really like. The library features nice transition effects with enough tail. All FX are very usable and the sound fits perfectly with the sound of our station Qmusic."

Grand FX 2 Info

Feel Good Radio The Netherlands

Feel Good Radio, The Netherlands

Format: Greatest Hits

Maurice Verschuuren, Imaging Director Sonic Spring/Feel Good Radio: "For Feel Good Radio I needed a fresh and modern sound, but one that would fit with their Classic Hits format. When I heard Grand FX 2, I was immediately convinced this would be the perfect library for this. It has all the elements you can dream of and every FX is usable, no filler stuff here. I produced the new sweeps for Feel Good Radio with Grand FX 2 so they get a modern feel that seamlessly goes together with the Classic Hits they play. Absolutely a library that every serious imaging director should have in its arsenal."

Grand FX 2 Info

Joy Radio The Netherlands

Joy Radio, The Netherlands

Format: CHR

Marcel de Vries, Imaging Producer Joy Radio: "Grand FX 2 is already one of my favorite imaging toolkits. A real must have for every producer. These FX are all high quality sounds and they really jump out of your speakers. We use Grand FX 2 in our unique Joy Radio ’90’s - 00’s and hits format’ but I can recommend it for every format. Working with this library is a joy, it gives you so much inspiration. Grand FX 2, what a sound!"

Grand FX 2 Info

Radio Globo 99.6 Rome

Radio Globo Rome, Italy

Format: CHR

Lucio Scarpa, Imaging Director Radio Globo: "As soon as I heard some files of this new package I couldn't believe my ears. Every single sound effect gives you inspiration to start a new jingle, sweeper or promo. Every impact gives you that feeling of breaking through the wall. I'm sure you will appreciate the usability and quality of the sounds offered by the Grand FX 2 package. They work really well with the CHR music we play at Radio Globo. Every FX fits our sound seamlessly. I highly recommend it!"

Grand FX 2 Info


2FM Retro, The Netherlands

Format: 70's, 80's, 90's and 00's

Maurice Verschuuren, Imaging Director 2FM and founder of Sonic Spring: "The new Broken Air 3 library was an immediate favorite for me! It has punch, speed and at the same time it gives your productions a sophisticated sound. You can hear that the FX and work parts are handcrafted to give instant assistance in the work of an imaging director. These sounds work well with almost any format whether it’s Greatest Hits, CHR, Hot AC or Rock. Whatever your station’s sound is, Broken Air 3 gives you the tools for creating the best imaging in no-time."

Broken Air 3 Library Info

Omroep Brabant

Omroep Brabant, The Netherlands

Format: News/Talk-AC Hybrid

Maurice Verschuuren, Imaging Producer Omroep Brabant and founder of Sonic Spring: "Wow! Again, this is by far the best FX pack for AC and Hot AC stations. I have all the Glide editions in my arsenal and they are my go-to libraries whenever I produce for stations with an AC format. Glide 4 is a well-crafted addition to the Glide series; it has fresh and creative new FX but all with a classy and adult sound. These work parts give you unlimited possibilities for creating sweeps, promo's and power intros. All the FX blend in perfectly with today's AC and Hot AC music. A must have for any producer or imaging director in these kind of formats."

Glide 4 Library Info

Juice, Cork, Ireland

Juice, Cork, Ireland

Format: CHR

Pedja Radivojevic, Imaging Producer Floyd Media: "The DNA Imaging library is sonic mayhem suitable for creative imaging from CHR to Urban. It’s a real gem when you use it by playing around and layering workparts so you can get endless possibilities. We really enjoyed using these hi-tech sounds in our projects and our clients like Juice in Ireland are thrilled with the results. Not for the faint-hearted! This is wil blast through any radio!"

DNA Library Info

Radio Carolina

Radio Carolina, Chile.

Format: CHR

Jimmy Olavarria, Imaging Director: "With Grand FX I felt my head spin. With every element a new creative idea comes into my brain. The sound is of a high level and it gives our radio station a fresh and powerful appearance on the air. I feel that we are one step ahead of our competition."

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