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Grand FX 3

Grand FX 3

When you want your productions to sound larger than life and big isn't big enough, there's only one solution. Get Grand FX 3 and create next level imaging for radio, tv and podcasts. This gigantic library contains 450 tracks including FX, work parts and music beds.


Released in 2024.

€ 249.00

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Give your imaging the sound of today with the immense impacts, hits, slams or whoosh hits. Create speed with the starters, risers, wipes and whooshes. Break down elements in your production with the breakers, switchers and stoppers. And when you need something to slap your station voice or live jock on, make them sound grand with the drones and beds.

Every bed comes in 8 different mixouts, including full length versions and special jingle and shotgun versions. So you have the biggest production flexibility possible. All elements combine effortlessly with AC, Hot AC and CHR formats. Bright, sharp, clean and full of positive energy! No matter how big or small you are, your imaging sounds bigger and better with Grand FX 3.

Grand FX 3 is also available in an affordable bundle with all Grand FX libraries: GRAND FX BUNDLE.


Grand FX 3 Track Listing
Download (359.64KB)

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