Grand FX 2

Grand FX 2

Is your program director driving you nuts? Constantly interrupting you with stuff like: “Where’s that promo I asked for half an hour ago?” and “I need that new imaging for the morning show tomorrow morning!” We have the solution: Grand FX 2.


Released in 2020.

€ 249.00

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Besides all the competition in today's radio world, time is your biggest problem. That's why we at Sticky FX came up with an even bigger solution! It’s Grand FX 2 including 450 FX, Work Parts and Beds for CHR, Hot AC and Greatest Hits formats. They’re divided in 15 categories so you have everything you need for your production at your fingertips and you can immediately find exactly that one FX you need.

Grand FX 2 is jam packed with Impacts, Breakers, Starters, Sweeps, Whoosh Hits, Stagers, Slams, Risers, Hits, Glitches, EDM Work Parts, Drones, Stoppers, Wipes and Beds. All the FX and Work Parts you need! Work faster, better, bigger with Grand FX 2. The imaging toolbox with the sound of today!

It saves you time, money and probably also your marriage or relationship! So get it now for your station and start saving time and producing faster today!

Grand FX 2 is also available in an affordable bundle with the first edition of Grand FX: Grand FX Bundle.

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Grand FX 2 Track Listing
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