Grand FX Bundle

All Grand FX libraries are now available in an affordable bundle. The ultimate libraries for imaging CHR, Hot AC and Greatest Hits formats.


Released in 2020.

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323,70 €


498,00 €

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This bundle contains Grand FX and Grand FX 2; 815 FX and Work Parts for a discount price. For more information check out the product pages of Grand FX and Grand FX 2.



  • 249,00 €

    The radio world is changing fast. Competition is more fierce and widespread than ever before. Your station battles not only with other stations but apps and streaming services as well. DEMO:Released in 2019.

    249,00 €
  • 249,00 €

    Is your program director driving you nuts? Constantly interrupting you with stuff like: “Where’s that promo I asked for half an hour ago?” and “I need that new imaging for the morning show tomorrow morning!” We have the solution: Grand FX 2. DEMO:Released in 2020.

    249,00 €

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