WFM96, The Netherlands.

Format: Hot AC

Bert van Mook, Creative Director WFM96.nl: “Finding the right fx for an AC-pop format is a huge challenge. It can’t be too hot and hip sounding, but it also absolutely may not sound too dull! The new Glide 2 fx from Sticky FX fitted exactly in the sound layout I had in mind for WFM. Fresh and uplifting! For the sweeps of WFM I could use literally everyone of ‘m without any exception”

Spreeradio, Germany.

Format: Hot AC

Alexander Breest – Head of on air promotion, Andreas Wilke – Head of production www.spreeradio.de: "Here at 105’5 Spreeradio we are using Sticky FX since 2012. After the Glide and Pink Noise libraries, the guys at sticky fx now came up with the Glide 2 fx library, which offers a great variety of new production effects.

Sticky FX helped us a lot keeping our productions’ sound fresh and rejuvenating our music format. We’re sticking to Sticky!"

Radio BaHeNa, The Netherlands.

Format: AC/Hot AC/CHR

Ferry van der Heijden Creative Director www.lekkerhipaudio.nl: "It's always a challenge for me to produce a complete package with one FX library. A lot of the time you are missing ellements when working with one library. But with the libraries from Sticky FX I've never had that problem. There are few libraries in the market that are so complete.

I used Glide for the imaging of the radio station Bahena. This radio station is aimed at a broad audience, called family radio. The stylish effects from Glide made it very easy. Lots of choice and extremely useful material."

Joy Radio, The Netherlands.

Format: CHR

Imaging Director Maurice Verschuuren: "When doing station imaging, I love to work with one or two libraries that give it the station a distinct sound. X Calibur is an awesome addition to the rest of the Sticky FX packages which I already love using! Very punchy stuff!"

Jam’n 94.5 Boston, USA.

Format: Urban CHR

Creative Services Imaging Director Ricky Roo: "I'm stuck on Sticky FX cause Sticky FX is stuck on me! I'm called upon to create content at a moments notice and everything needs to be done yesterday, so I find myself editing my prod libraries down to their most usable cuts and tossing the clutter. I need to find an element as quickly as possible and with Sticky FX, I feel they have done the proper curating for me. I can always find the element that I need. From FLY IN's to SIGNALS, HITS and DRONES. Each has a place in my production." www.jamn945.com

Radio Signal, Serbia.

Format: CHR

Program Director Vladimir Vučinić: “We are very pleased with X-Calibur for our imaging. HIT, IMPACT, STARTER and SEPARATOR sfx from this package are truly awesome, they basically fit everywhere. The whole X-Calibur package was the missing part in our production that we were looking for a long time. Radio Signal is ready for the summer 2014, loaded with fresh and sexy effects from Sticky FX :)"

"Keep doing great stuff like this, we simply love it.” www.radiosignal.rs

105.5 Spreeradio Berlin, Germany.

Format: Hot AC

Head of On air promotion Alexander Breest: "In 2012 we started shifting our musical focus from oldie-based ac to ac. We were looking for new station voices and a fresh sound design. As we were searching for new imaging tools which were not already used by competitors in Berlin - which is Europe’s toughest radio market - we came across sticky fx glide and were amazed right away. It offers a wide variety of cool production tools which come along in different folders so that you can easily find the elements you need in any given production."

"In early 2014 we complemented our sticky fx package by purchasing the pink noise library which offers more extreme imaging elements. We’re looking forward for the next stuff coming from sticky fx!" www.spreeradio.de

Maurice Verschuuren – Owner Novaz Media Group, The Netherlands.

“The FX stuff of Sticky FX is all highly usable and when I do production for great Dance Radio Shows like The Davies Twinz and Brennan Heart’s Harder, I just love the incredible force of Pink Noise and Brain Freez by Sticky FX. These sounds really cut through and blend well together with the dance music."

"Combining Pink Noise and Brain Freez in these productions gave me the ability to make the sound of the imaging as contemporary and innovative as the music of the dj’s. When you’re imaging a CHR/Rhythmic, Dance or Urban station or show nothing beats the combination of these two; Pink Noise and Brain Freez by Sticky FX”. www.novaz.nl

WPLJ New York, United States.

Format: Hot AC

Creative Services Director Dan Kelly of PLJ tells us why: "I really like these fx! It’s modern, it’s cool sounding without being crazy in your face. The 290 FX in Brain Freez are aggressive but CHR friendly while also good for Hot AC, even AC if used properly. These FX announce that you’re a hip station without hitting the listeners over the head with it. Really cool stuff! It’s a very multi-use package that has everything you need from Drones to sharp short stuff." www.plj.com

Floyd Media Productions.

Formats: CHR, Hot AC, Rhythmic CHR, AC, Rock, Country

Pedja Radivojevic, Manager: "In the terms of quality and usability, Sticky FX is really hard to beat. Each time we need that small missing piece in our production, we reach out to Sticky FX stuff and it’s there! So far we have used it across almost every format. From CHR to AC and Rock. No matter where you throw them in, these elements work and make production really shine.

I am so impressed by the latest Brain Freez library – it’s so fresh and each piece is cleverly crafted to fit anywhere! With clients and stations all over the world, I could not be happier to deliver just what they need, with the essential tools from Sticky FX." www.floydmedia.net

RGR 2 Oldies, Belgium.

Format: Oldies

Imaging Director Maurice Verschuuren: “The great thing about Sticky FX and Glide FX is that you really hear the passion. It’s obvious that this material is made by folks that know all about radio imaging. I love that all material is useable. You don’t have to worry about tons of awful noises that you weren’t going to use anyway. And that’s great for me and my production company www.novaz.nl through which I produce imaging for a.o. RGR 2 Oldies in Belgium.” www.oldiesradiorgr.be

WPLJ New York, United States.

Format: Hot AC

Creative Services Director Dan Kelly: "I'm really digging Sticky FX Volume 1. It's a really sharp sounding package that's just aggressive enough without being TOO intense. Sometimes you'll hear a CHR package that hits REALLY hard. These sounds hit just right. From the Atmospheres to the Beatfillers to the Bleeps, Impacts, Sweeps, etc....everything's is strong enough and fun. It's all categorized so you can easily find what you're looking for. You'll have a lot of fun using it!" www.plj.com

2 FM, The Netherlands.

Format: Hot AC

Imaging Director Ferry van der Heijden: “There are so many FX libraries out there, but why should I buy Sticky FX? Well, it’s got everything a sound designer needs; Impacts, drones, beds, starters. Everything! With Sticky FX I don’t need any other library at all. And because I produce for multiple stations through my company www.lekkerhipaudio.nl, I'm very grateful to Sticky FX for giving me such a big variety of FX and Work Parts. Keep up the good work guys!”

Live Wire Talk, Internet Radio.

Format: Talk/Mix

"We have been using Sticky FX for the last year and think it is absolutely great how audio that once sounded quite boring on its own can be just lifted with great production elements. Definitely recommended to those who want to add that extra spice to the mix." www.livewiretalk.co.nr

B96 FM Chicago, United States.

Format: Rhythmic/CHR

Imaging director Mike Horn: "Very good stuff! I love the fullness of the FX and beds...they are "in your face" and will make my production sound BIG!"

"The impacts are my favorites as I use impacts frequently in my work. You will definitely be hearing a lot of Sticky FX in my future productions!" b96.radio.com

RGR FM, Belgium.

Format: Rhythmic/Dance

Station Manager Marc Holemans: "Fantastic job, the Sticky FX CHR Volume 1 library fits RGR FM like a glove. Blends well with the music we play and the energy of the station and is incredibly easy to use! I’m glad we now have Sticky FX, finally something new and not the same thing other stations still use." "If you want the sound of the future, get Sticky FX!" www.rgrfm.be

Radio Veronica, National Radio Station in The Netherlands.

Format: CHR/POP

Imaging director Guido Sprenger: “Sticky FX contains the greatest work-parts you need for a very good price! Not just short fx, but beats, fillers, drones, beds, it's all in there. These parts are going to make us stand out from the competition! It's punchy and edgy but also subtle and sweet at the same time! This stuff really smokes! It's going to make my work a lot easier and more fun to add a new dimension to my productions, thanks Sticky FX!” www.radioveronica.nl

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