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Pink Noise

Pink Noise

Pink Noise is the ultimate Sound Design tool to brand your station’s name into the heads of your listeners.


Released in 2012.

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In today’s competitive radio world it’s important to make your imaging stand out so it makes it easier for your listeners to remember your station’s name. When others zig, you zag. When others go grey, you go PINK!

Pink Noise is the ultimate Sound Design tool to brand your station’s name into the heads of your listeners. When you want to make sure your message is heard, extreme imaging FX! Over 400 FX & Work Parts that enhance the impact of your imaging. All categorized by purpose to make your imaging job even easier.

Charge Shells that help you start off back-to-the-music sequences or promos. These work parts get immediate attention with power quotes and are easy to use. Just splice in your station’s name, slogan and location and you’re ready to go. Pink Noise also features a load of short fx we call Connectors. Sharp intense little suckers you can squeeze in anywhere to connect different moods or tempos.

When you want to add some extra drama or just need a plug and play talk over drone, there’s the Drone Attacks. Drones that start with loud impacts followed by endless drones that really carry the voice of your VO or jocks.

With the Ground shakers you can literally shake up your listeners radios. They’re the ultimate attention grabbers, heavy deep bass explosions to emphasize your message or music. And when you need some more short and fierce sounding hits and impacts, there’s an arsenal of Pounders that give your imaging extra punch.

Then there’s the intense sharp sounding and screaming Razors, ideal for separating different messages. And Rechargers for when you need to build up tension in an extreme way. The Smart Bombs are great if you want to do some whacky stuff in your imaging. They’re weird off the hook sounding explosions that make your message sound even bigger and louder.

Also there’s a set of Stoppers which are really handy for when you want to break down imaging in several parts or when you want to give your promo a natural ending. For your more smooth sounding transitions there are the Transporters; A great way to create flow between different tempos, moods and energy.

Extreme imaging FX in one package with over 400 FX & work parts. Check out the demo and the track listing and get Pink Noise for your station to make a lasting impact!

Check out the demo and track listing and get it now to make your station’s imaging stick.

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Pink Noise Track Listing
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